Do you have questions??

Dr. Vinitsky suggests nutrition to help you find your optimal health. If you have questions whether what you are doing is helping…maybe ask another to see how it has helped them reach a better place in their health.

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  1. Janis B says:

    How fast B12-Folirinse dissolves is an indicator of whether or not we need more at that time. So what is fast? Yesterday, after not having a B12F for at least 12 hours (sleep, meditation), I used a timer after I popped one under my tongue. It took 3 minutes 6 seconds to dissolve.

    Is this a long time or a short time? Since it didn’t dissolve instantly, I would consider it long. But that made me wonder, since I hadn’t taken any for 12 hours, whether my idea of short and long was distorted. I had recently taken glutathione cream, taurine, B6 and C, so I wasn’t too low on those to use the B12F.

    Would love to get feedback.

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