Maybe you can help?

Its a good possibility that others are dealing with Lyme, just like you. Maybe they need someone to help comfort them. Who knows? Let them know you are there!!

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  1. TruusP says:

    Lyme and all the stuff that goes with it has been a companion in my life for much longer than I care to admit. But since I started working with Dr. Vinitsky in 2005 it has been very much in the forefront of my awareness. I have read countless testimonies from people describing their struggles on their long journey back to health, which at times seems so elusive. I noticed that just rarely do I encounter an account of a success story, maybe because there is no need to participate in discussions once you feel better. So I will make an exception for those who are still in the midst of it and for Dr. Vinitsky and his staff for providing us with this opportunity.
    I will talk about only one of the many issues I had to face on this journey back to health.
    Taking all those supplements year after year can be hard and expensive. But than my motto is to never be shincy when it comes to health. I can save my money for retirement but what retirement is there to speak of when your body is not functioning? I simply keep working a few years longer. I received a lot of benefit from most of the supplements but for some, like the B12 their effect is questionable and even up till last month Dr. V was telling me that I don’t utilize it well. And I really don’t want to admit how much money I spent on those. I took over 30 a day for almost half a year plus several IV’s and between 10 and 20 for several years. So how to reconcile that? For me it is allowing myself to trust in the integrity and understanding of another human being. And that was a real hard one for me. I don’t understand why my body doesn’t utilize the B12 and at times I question or Dr. V does but I keep following his protocol and guess what, I am getting better. The first improvement was that although I was feeling ill and struggling most of the time, on a very deep level my health was coming back; instead of sliding down the mountain I was getting a foothold, tenuous at best, but a foothold. Things have been improving every since and now I am hiking with full confidence on the mountain ridge, with support of the supplements though. I use this metaphor because hiking in the mountains is my passion and the thought of not being able to do that truly terrified me: A life not worth living.
    I am not at the end of this journey yet and I probably always have to be vigilant to some extend, but then don’t we all? Some very well respected people say you never get totally rid of Lyme. Dr. V assures me that if you keep up the nutrients and keep going after the bugs you will get on top. My response is: Sure, why not! At this point in time I experience myself as a healthy human being with many possibilities, a second go at life. Actually, I am normal again.

  2. Julia Rice says:

    Success stories are a great comfort. Recovery is slow and usuallly Very subtle. I know that I was in treatment for about a year and a half before it was perceptible to me. Friends were commenting that I appeared to be improving long before it was obvious to me.
    I’d like to add that there is a Lyme support group that meets on the 3rd Monday of each month in Germantown, MD. The National Capital Area Lyme Disease Association sponsors this meeting as well as meetings in Howard Co, Washinton, DC and Virginia.The Montgomery County chapter is located off of exit 16 (Father Hurley Blvd) on I-270. You can see the Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness Center off to the left as you drive north on 270. It’s in the 2nd floor conference room of Healthtrax which is located at 20500 Seneca Meadows Parkway, Germantown, MD 20876. The meeting goes from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The next meeting will be on June 21, 2010. Newcomers are always welcome.

  3. Janis B says:

    I don’t have Lyme, but ME-CFS is similar in many respects, and I’ve had the issue of not utilizing B12 well either. It’s been since April that I started with the high doses of B12 and Folirinse. And even though I could tolerate the basic 6, I could not add the Endura Pak or the Enhansa without crashing. So I am back to square one again, in that I am just on the Basic 6 again, feeling worse than ever.

    I wish there were a way to see if some subtle improvements are taking place, because, even though the theory makes much sense to me, I wonder if those of us with XMRV and neuroendocrine disorders in which even the tiniest amount of stress triggers viral activity, can get out of the vicious cycle enough to make real progress on this protocol.

  4. I own a small wellness center in Gaithersburg, Integrated Pathways LLC. Among other things, we offer Myofascial Release Therapy (John Barnes Approach). We have been experiencing with some of our clients that Myofascial Release (MFR), is very effective in reversing the paralysis that can accompany Lyme and restoring mobility, even years later. If you’re facing any level of paralysis, try to find a Myofascial Release Therapist near you! There’s Hope!

    ~Kate Gold, LMT, RYT

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