Metal Detoxing??

Tell us how you feel. Maybe one of the items you’ve used in the past could help someone else get them the detoxing process.

3 Responses to “Metal Detoxing??”

  1. J. Harvey says:

    When we first came to Enlightened Medicine we only knew of the problems of Mult. Chem. Sensitivities. After the first group of diagnostic tests we found out about the Heavy Metals problem. It’s clear that we have a lot to learn.

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  2. Brenda Kauffman says:

    I also came to Dr. vinitsky with mcs, emf and multiple other factors amoung which are heavy metals…Harvey…how are you doing on your detox?

  3. joan says:

    I was found to have heavy metals toxicity. I could not handle the chelation pilss the doc gave me, so another doctor had me try “metal-free,” a liquid spray , can be found on the net. I got detox benefits from it without a herxheimer effect. It’s great for extremely sensitive people.

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