Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!!

How does it make you feel? What triggers YOUR condition. How do you get through it!?!? Tell us!

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  1. J. Harvey says:

    “Blogging” is new to me as is RSS 2.0 or any other version. I use email as send/reply etc. Perhaps the most common trigger for out MCS is perfume that’s part of someone’s shampoo, shave cream/lotion or straight out cologne or other attempts to smell like a flower or other sweet smelling things. Lilies are very bad which makes Easter a problem.

    What I’d like to ask is what & where can I get cleaning supplies that will do the cleaning job, but not trigger the MCS. Can anybody help? Guess I’ll look at the MCS file soon.

  2. Neil Bixler says:

    My chemical sensitivity symptoms of facial flushing, cognitive problems such as slowed processing and short-term memory loss, anxiousness, and a rash below the eyes, is triggered by VOCs I believe. I had to move out of a newly-renovated office because of a reaction, and was fine in my home office until I repainted it two weeks ago and triggered my symptoms. I had to have the painted drywall removed which resolved the problem, and I will now try and get an appointment for treatment with Dr. Vinitsky.

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